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In a bizarre departure from my usual modus operandi, I sat down and improvised about 20 minutes of guitar riffs, which I then cut together, added drum and synthesizer parts, recorded bass parts, and got really excited about.  Shortly after, I realized I’d need about another 20 minutes to turn it into an album, so I wrote another 20 min piece and filled it in the same way as the first.

My friend and Asleep In The Stars bandmate Phil Kalas really liked the songs, so I asked him if he could re-record the bass parts in his signature intense style.

The album became Flood Insurance, recorded entirely in about 5 days.  The first song I wrote is “Screaming Fish”, the second piece on the album, and the second song is “Look At The Astronaut”, the first piece on the album.  I divided both into four tracks for easier navigation.

Today, I’m highlighting the third section of “Look At The Astronaut”.  The entire song is in 5/4.  Most of the guitar soloing from Look At The Astronaut takes place in this third part.


There’s not much to say about this.  It’s guitar soloing.  I think it’s a lot of fun.

Fun Fact: This prominently features the sounds of all the guitar pedals I invented for Dynamo Electric Audio.