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This is the soundtrack for a video game prototype I made for a racing game called “Speed Racist”.  It sounds very Sega Genesis.  I wrote this specific piece in late 2015.

(MY OK BBS is the artist name I release all my solo chiptune work under.  I don’t release it under the same artist name as my progressive rock music because it’s so incredibly different in every way, and would have entirely different listener bases.  I got a Google Voice phone number as part of another project, and went to a website that would suggest words for a number you gave it, and that was one of the suggestions for the number.  The other project (now Horchata Network) rejected the name, so I used it for this.)

It’s the first song on this album, so, I just have the whole album linked here.

I always think of synth brass when I think of racing games, probably because of Mario Kart.  And synth brass always reminds me of Frank Zappa/Tommy Mars, which is why I have that little tribute section in there to them.

I was feeling really inspired by the harmony style of John Linnell from They Might Be Giants at this point in my life, and I wrote a few things with those augmented and diminished chords over the course of two years.

The section at 2:04 is the Frank Zappa/Tommy Mars section.  That was so so much fun to do.  I still haven’t figured out how to accurately duplicate either the Mario Kart or Tommy Mars brass sound yet.  I’ve tried on a number of occasions.  They’re both different and amazing.  Maybe some day I’ll get it right, although for this song, I was also trying to duplicate the Genesis brass sounds, which are a bit different.