Everybody is super busy during the day doing actually important things (probably checking Facebook notifications to decide if you want to untag yourself in photos your friends took) so, instead of bombarding people with links to whole albums, I figured I’d just put up a shitty wordpress site and start highlighting single songs or sections of songs I particularly like.

On the navigation bar above, click Music Blog to see posts featuring music.  Games Blog to see posts featuring games.  Each has sub-categories if you wish to be more specific. (Once I add them.)

Additionally, All Albums is just a huge pile of YouTube and Spotify links, All Games goes to my itch.io page that hosts all the games I’ve made. Discography shows a shameless list of all the stuff I’ve made, which is mostly up there for me to look at when I want to justify the hollow, despicable carapace of a human that is my existence.

For navigational aid:

Grand Theft Marmot – My solo progressive rock music

MY OK BBS – My solo chiptune music

Horchata Network – My collaborative trio nerd rock music that I play all the instruments for, and write/sing roughly one half of the stuff for.

Asleep In The Stars – A metal band I play keyboard and occasionally write for

Paul Wertico and John Moulder related albums – Fusion/Jazz that I probably recorded and produced, and quite often played on.

Brian Fife and Band – A 70s/80s rock band that I play bass and sing in.

Have fun and experience something new.  Or don’t.  I’m not your dad.